UPS 160W/48V Simple

Article: 2019


Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)

  • Certified (CE, ROHS, EAC)
  • Adjust. output voltege 40V...55.2 V
  • Battery hot swapping
  • Work without battery as power supply
  • Automatic protection: overload, short circuit, battery deep discharge
  • Absence output voltage drop-down during switch to battery and back
  • LED indication for Power-ON
  • Battery cables are not supplied
  • Relay information outputs


Техническая документация БП


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Model name UPS 160W/48V Simple
DC voltage (AC mode) 55,4 V
Voltage ripple and noise ≤ 200 mV
Maximum current (AC mode) 3,1 A
Battery charge current 0,5 A
Recommended battery capacity 4 x 7 A/h ... 4 x 17 A/h 
Power source efficiency ≥ 89% 
AC Voltage range 90 - 130 VAC/180 - 264VAC (switch)
Automatic protection Short circuit in load, overload, battery deep discharge, wrong polarity battery connection (when the AC voltage is off)
Operating temperature range - 200C...+600C
Dimension of box, mm 199 x 98 x 38
Warranty 2 years

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